Four Amazing facts about the Armenian….

Today’s topic on :-The Armenian + Ancient + Armenian Language + Language related + Archaeology + History. || Ancient + Archaeology = Article By Amit Kumar [ ] | On Date 15 and Updated On April 02, 2021|| Hi friend’s today’s topic and article is interesting because its related to the Archaeology and🤔 hmmm😊 slightly [...]

” Hepatitis B “💊💉📃🔬 [ Report ]🔬🤓👇🗺

Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.comPhoto by Pixabay on Pexels.comPhoto by Anna Shvets on Today’s topic on :- Hepatitis B + Medical related + Pharmacy +Awareness + Countries + People |🔬| Medical = Article By Amit Kumar [ ] | Updated on January 08, 2021 || [ Introductory Part -  Article🔬🤓 ] Hi friends [...]

😉Dentist’s – REGENERATED BONE Medical related.😩😬

Photo by Pixabay on Today’s topic on :- Medical related + Implant + Regenerating bone + Dentists + Dental related + Information To know about regenerating bone ||Medical + Dentist's =Article By Amit Kumar [ ] | Updated : August 12, 2020 || Introductory Part Implants placed in regenerating bone in a prerequisite [...]

Two Versions of Corona virus

================================================================== >>> In the new study the researchers identified two major versions of the SARS-Cov2 corona virus called Clade I and Clade II the virus from 94 of the cases and 221 Genomes in the GISAID corona virus database [ Genetic examine ]. GISAID is a repository that maintains hundreds of viral genomes the complete [...]

USA has two million Vaccine..

------------------------------------'''------------------------'--------------------------------------------- The national institute of health has been fast tracking work with biotech firm modern a on a potential vaccine to prevent covid19. As a report of white house health advisor Dr. A. Fauci had said earlier this week that there are at least four trials of potential vaccine that he is either directly or [...]