🙏Respected Mary Oliver – Poem.🙏🌿🌐

Today’s Topic :- Poem + Poem related + Mary Oliver + Dedicated Post + Appreciation + Friends + People + Worldwide. Hi , friends today’s post for appreciation related and to my friends poem related and all friends. 🙏** Post Dedicated to Respected Mary Oliver **🙏🙏 Mary Oliver 🌟 You do not have to be [...]

❄ An Avalanche –Short Poem / Haiku…💧with Photography 📷

📚Published 📚 by Amit Kumar Copyright©2020- 2021 by Amit Kumar [ https://www.mydatawords.com ]. All rights reserved. ***Published Poem / Haiku- By Amit kumar [ 1/18 ] just for your information.[ few words ] Thank you for reading and visiting to my new friends... So => You can connect with me through the follow button with [...]

Protected: Glory of him…

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