## Four – Line Story

Photo by Alexas Fotos on Pexels.com Today’s Topic on :- Human Emotions + Awareness + Perspective + Motivation Hi, Friends Today’s I'm sharing Four line story with thoughts and Mental + Awareness + Emotional + Perspective + Motivation. But it depends on your vision how to look out. Validate your emotional reaction Thank you for [...]

To know about A.I used to identify brain injury

Today’s topic on :- Medical + Brain + Artificial intelligence + Computer related +Information || Article By Amit Kumar [ mydatawords.com ] | Updated on Sep 08, 2020 || Hi friends ,today I’m sharing information about "A.I used to identify brain injury " – Introduction about that [ How ] >> As a researcher :- [...]

Psychology says…..

Today’s topic on :- Psychology + Subconscious + Children +People + Behavior Psychological thoughts in my words For my previous Posts here >> Home ©2020 by Amitkumar.All rights reserved.

Don’t ask at work condition.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com Today’s topic on :- Reality + Mis-Perceptions + Organizational+ Behavior + Human activity || Article By Amit Kumar [ mydatawords.com ] | August 08, 2020 || I’m just discussion some topics about human activity and behavior [ Company+employee] and Mis-Perceptions. Then result here….. This is a introductory part The reality [...]

In Briefly about human activity in Orinoco.

Photo: by Juanita Today’s Topic :- Environment + Humanity + Uncover + Orinoco Hi, friends today's I'm sharing about human activity and uncover [ Orinoco] in briefly in my words. " The Orinoco and Uncovering its Stories " I look for the imprint of the land in the face and the human body and i [...]