Medical related [ to know about Neurology ]

To know about Neuroscience Today's Topic on :-- Medical and Medical related [ Neuroscience ] |Article By Amit Kumar [ ] | Updated : July 28, 2020| Medical and medical related [ Neurology and Neuroscience ] Introductory Part I'm not posting last days because I'm working on this topic and others and also lots [...]

Psychology says…

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” Student feeling stressed…

--------------------------- ------------------ Mental and Emotional health of the student. In a digital environment that can look a lot different ( both students and the educators) challenges. In the survey found that almost everyday 98 percent agreed that educators should be trained in trauma informed classroom practices and more than eight in ten ( 82 percent [...]

#01- ” To make and use good memories “

Unsplash by Jon Tyson --------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "" Happy memories is significantly related with present happiness and to become memory architects and control what we and those around are and are not going to remember. "" ==> Do something new Try, Try, and Tried tested and true has its upsides but memorability is not one of [...]

#Four- line story

Photo by cottonbro on Today's Topic on :- In Four line story theme on mental health. Validate your emotional reaction - In Four line Story -->> Its okay to fell anxious , stressed and sad. Its also important to understand that these feelings will likely come to waves. When people do not know whats [...]