Medical related [ to know about Neurology ]

To know about Neuroscience Today's Topic on :-- Medical and Medical related [ Neuroscience ] |Article By Amit Kumar [ ] | Updated : July 28, 2020| Medical and medical related [ Neurology and Neuroscience ] Introductory Part I'm not posting last days because I'm working on this topic and others and also lots [...]

Two Versions of Corona virus

================================================================== >>> In the new study the researchers identified two major versions of the SARS-Cov2 corona virus called Clade I and Clade II the virus from 94 of the cases and 221 Genomes in the GISAID corona virus database [ Genetic examine ]. GISAID is a repository that maintains hundreds of viral genomes the complete [...]

“AI used to identify brain injury “

>> Artificial intelligence (AI) that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. AI may be more consistent than a human at detecting changes over time. AI was able to classify individual parts of each image and tell whether it was normal or not. The could be useful for future studies [...]

Timeline about the new Vaccine.

To speed up the normal process of vaccine development developers are compressing the timeline. ---> The fastest a vaccine has been made in five years. But Now this pandemic covid-19 goal change for covid-19 vaccine development and given timeline is under 18 months. Firstly, Small-scale production of clinical trial material |==> Pre-clinical trials ---> Phase [...]

Interdisciplinary project for bipolar patients.

In an interdisciplinary project with scientist and medical division to use bipolar patient derived fibroblasts to gain a deeper understanding into patient circadian rythms and how these rhythmic changes could predict lithium sensitivity in bioplar disorder. Currently the pathophysiology of bipolar disorder remains elusive but treatment with lithium continues as the benchmark pharma, functioning as [...]