Four Amazing facts about the Armenian….

Today’s topic on :-The Armenian + Ancient + Armenian Language + Language related + Archaeology + History. || Ancient + Archaeology = Article By Amit Kumar [ ] | On Date 15 and Updated On April 02, 2021|| Hi friend’s today’s topic and article is interesting because its related to the Archaeology and🤔 hmmm😊 slightly [...]

Protected: Short-Story About -The Norwegian Explorer the South Pole Regions.

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To know about the Group of Fifteen

© 2020 by Amit Kumar [ ]. All rights reserved. Today’s topic on :- The Group of Fifteen + Developing Countries + History + Summit + Organizational + Awareness . ========================================================================== || Article By Amit Kumar [ ] | December 22, 2020 || ========================================================================== Hi friends today’s about different topics and to know [...]

A Bravery woman who fought in the war – Eleonore Prochaska / Eleonora [Woman]

Today’s topic on :- Eleonore + Woman + History + Liberty+ Justice + Perspective. | Article By Amit Kumar [ ] | On November 27, 2020 | Article with introduction :-- Hi friends today' about Story of Bravery woman who fought in the war [ Eleonore Prochaska | introduction part ]. I know, the number [...]

OPEC began to play a prominent role

Photo by Pixabay on Today’s Topic :- OPEC + History + International relations + Oil Market + Market related + Countries | Article By Amit Kumar [ ] | updating on Sept 16, 2020 | Hi, friends today's i 'm sharing information about oil market related information for you and also discussion about [...]

Protected: The Ancient Middle Ages Story

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# 01- The Convention

Today’s topic on :- The Convention + Feminism + Women Rights + History + Social Today I'm writing about The Seneca Falls Convention was the first women's rights convention. [Every day with new topic ] The convention "A convention to discuss the social, civil, and religious condition and rights of woman". The Seneca Falls Convention [...]

The Liberty Bell

Today's Topic on History. History of the Liberty Bell unsplash In 1776, a 2000 pound copper and tin bell known as the Liberty Bell rang out from the tower of Independence Hall Summoning citizens to the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence. The name " Liberty Bell" was first coined in an 1839 [...]

Jessica Combs –[ rise of popular ] Part– II

Today’s topic on History+life+Racer[ Fastest Woman Jessi Combs ]. Jessica Combs –[ rise of popular ] Part– II Let's continue our topic about Jessica in this we to know what happened and its the honour.... Jessica Combs was about to have a different career when she was offered a full scholarship to pursue interior design, [...]

Jessica Combs – [ rise of popular ] Part – I

Today's topic on History+life+Racer [ Fastest Woman Jessi Combs ]. Jessica M. Combs was an American professional racer, television personality, and metal fabricator. Jessi Combs - rise of popular - I Jessi Combs was declared the fastest woman on four wheels after she piloted the North American Eagle at a speed of 398 mph in [...]

” Ancient Roman Mosaic in Italy….”

Photo: comune di Negrar di Valpolicella The mosaic was found a few meters beneath a row of vines a week after work resumed after the corona virus pandemic. Ancient Roman mosaic floor discovered under vines in Italy- " Pristine archaeological treasure near verona date 3rd century AD". According to Archaeology the discovery in 1922 the [...]