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the Ancient Middle Ages Story

Today's story topic: - The Medieval Crown + Story + Society + Family + Ancient Middle Ages+ History |Edited By Amit Kumar [ ] | Updated : August 05, 2020| Credit to the Author. Today I am sharing the ancient Middle Ages, a beautiful princess story . This is for my followers in updated [...]

l’antico Medioevo storia

L'argomento di oggi su storia:- La corona medievale + società + famiglia + relazione + storia Click here-> [ lantico-medioevo-storia ]. Oggi sto condividendo l'antico Medioevo, una bellissima storia da principessa. credito all'autore & Ringraziamo l'autore Nell’antico medioevo, una bellissima principessa sedeva imperiosa sul suo trono. Era alta, bella e molto intelligente. Pur essendo molto [...]

Ghost of Tsushima – Part II

Today’s Topic on :- Game Review [ Ghost of Tsushima - Part II ] The plot of ghost of Tsushima As this is based on a true story Jin was among the few Samurai who were left among the Invasion. The war was left among the war was lead by Kublai Khan of the Yuan [...]

## Four – Line Story

Photo by Alexas Fotos on Today's Topic on :- Motivation + Perspective [ Thoughts ] Today's topic on four line story with thoughts and theme on Motivation and Perspective But it depends on your vision how to look out. 🌱 🌳 🗺 For my previous Posts here >> Home

Medical related [ to know about Neurology ]

To know about Neuroscience Today's Topic on :-- Medical and Medical related [ Neuroscience ] |Article By Amit Kumar [ ] | Updated : July 28, 2020| Medical and medical related [ Neurology and Neuroscience ] Introductory Part I'm not posting last days because I'm working on this topic and others and also lots [...]

Affixation / co-operation law

Photo by CQF-Avocat on Today's topic on :- Law and Law-related [ Affixation / Unification] Affixation / Unification - co-operation law Introductory part. During such process, every state-representative tend to defend their States ́ own interests, which may result in incompatibilities. When it comes to the drafting of soft law instruments, conversely, text incompatibilities [...]

A beautiful story about relationship

Today’s topic on :- Story + Humanity + life + Feeling + Faith A Beautiful Story About Relationship [ True love story ] Today, I'm sharing a beautiful true love story. This story is depend on life , humanity and with true feeling and faith.... Okay..... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One day, a young guy and a young [...]

# 01- The Convention

Today’s topic on :- The Convention + Feminism + Women Rights + History + Social Today I'm writing about The Seneca Falls Convention was the first women's rights convention. [Every day with new topic ] The convention "A convention to discuss the social, civil, and religious condition and rights of woman". The Seneca Falls Convention [...]

The Five Qualities

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Today's topic on Motivation + Lifestyle The Five Qualities in briefly :-- Today I'm sharing about qualities [ its useful in our life ].This five qualities is more important in the life and managing negative emotions and transcending them is then possible and the ability to concentrate and emotions. [...]


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I hope you…

Today's topic on Poem marcone-soares-unsplash I hope you…. It's little secret of success. I know about.. Not does everyone... To get it right the first time, Success is unfortunately A wicked difficult climb.... I hope you never fear Those mountains in the distance..... However for those who just won't lose hope, Success will throw down [...]

The Liberty Bell

Today's Topic on History. History of the Liberty Bell unsplash In 1776, a 2000 pound copper and tin bell known as the Liberty Bell rang out from the tower of Independence Hall Summoning citizens to the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence. The name " Liberty Bell" was first coined in an 1839 [...]

Jessica Combs –[ rise of popular ] Part– II

Today’s topic on History+life+Racer[ Fastest Woman Jessi Combs ]. Jessica Combs –[ rise of popular ] Part– II Let's continue our topic about Jessica in this we to know what happened and its the honour.... Jessica Combs was about to have a different career when she was offered a full scholarship to pursue interior design, [...]


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Jessica Combs – [ rise of popular ] Part – I

Today's topic on History+life+Racer [ Fastest Woman Jessi Combs ]. Jessica M. Combs was an American professional racer, television personality, and metal fabricator. Jessi Combs - rise of popular - I Jessi Combs was declared the fastest woman on four wheels after she piloted the North American Eagle at a speed of 398 mph in [...]

Four popular street foods in the world – I

Today's topic on food Four popular street foods in the world - I 1. Ramen - Japanese dish Photo: max-oh-unsplash Althought Ramen is a Japanese dish, sources say that it actually originated in China , popular throughout the world and Ramen can be easily found on the streets of Japan and from Ramen shops, karaoke [...]

The value of Mentor ship….

Photo by monica melton on unsplash The value of Mentor ship, research is pretty clear, people with mentors perform better, advance in their careers faster and even experience more work-life balance Yet despite these benefits many of us do not know how to find a mentor or establish a professional relationship. >> Firstly define your [...]

The Child….

By:-isaac-mehegan-unsplash --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Short story.. -II This is the child story A time there was a child ready to be born one day the child asked to God, they tell me you are going to send me to the earth tomorrow but how am I going to live there being so small and helpless??.. God replied..,Among [...]

About Europe and US relationship

*Mr.President Trump may be says for Foreign students must be leave. ( declaration may be within week ) In the pandemic has exposed more fissures in the relationship with the USA including when Mr.President Trump announced a travel ban in the Month of March with no notice or consultation and move unleashed chaos at European [...]

The Rain…..

The Rain… The birds are singing out loud,When..... The Rain From Heaven... When.... The rain from heaven is pouring down.... And The rays of the sun Are breaking through the cloud.... While... The rainbow appears And spreads all around. They are throwing colors for you.... Asking you to continue. Giving up is something Everyone can [...]


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To know about Referendum in the Russia.

What's going on in the Russia about referendum. By Amit Kumar | Updated : July 2, 2020 | Mr.President Vladimir Putin said they are sure he will run again but some NW say he may want to keep his options. In the Russian had been encouraged to back Putin's power move described by critics as [...]

Psychology says…..

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About Game Review – Tsushima- 1

This is a shortly game review about Ghost of Tsushima Game -1 The developer of the game and game series character of Ghost of Tsushima Game. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The main lead character is Jin Sakai who is a Samurai left after the Mongolian tried to capture the Tsushima Island. Samurai will also enter the game play [...]

A Wish On This Day…..

A wish on this day…..Make a wish on this lovely dayMake a wish on this lovely morningThere is a charming glory in the airMake a wish on this lovely day!You feel so fresh all through the dayYou know you would simply make a way. Morning cheer peps you upLike the chirping of the birdsMake a [...]

Two Versions of Corona virus

================================================================== >>> In the new study the researchers identified two major versions of the SARS-Cov2 corona virus called Clade I and Clade II the virus from 94 of the cases and 221 Genomes in the GISAID corona virus database [ Genetic examine ]. GISAID is a repository that maintains hundreds of viral genomes the complete [...]

016 – In Briefly ( Iceland )

Iceland President re-elected with 92 percent of vote. >> According to final result released on yesterday. Iceland President Gudni Johannesson has been re-elected with 92.2% of the 1,68,821 votes in the election. It's the second highest margin of victory in the history of #Iceland Presidential elections. >> President of Iceland Gudni Johannesson :- This result [...]


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Scientists Discover Planet – AU Mic….

"" Scientists Discover Planet about Neptune's size orbiting nearby young star " ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "" Scientists Discover Planet about Neptune's size orbiting nearby young star AU Mic which is still surrounded by a disk of debris left over from its formation. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Related Posts:- 1) #01- “” An Unidentified Flying Object “” 2) “AB Aurigae [...]


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The scenic fresh

-----'-----------'--------- The fresh air that comes on my face... The fresh air which comes on my face... The scenic snow clad mountains have grace... Those flowers blooming so bright.... Making me feel so relaxing and calm. The river that flows in between The warm sun that makes an amazing sight..... I feel so fresh and [...]

The most unbelievable Ocean Mysteries – I

Today’s Topic on Ocean :- Ocean Mysteries + Unknown Places [ Underwater ]. Top-Five-ocean-mysteries - The most unbelievable Ocean Mysteries-I Oceans are a mystery in itself you do not know whom you get to meet when you dive to the ocean floor Over the centuries the ocean has given rise to an immense number of [...]

#01 – Scientist

Chien Shiung Wu -Physicist Chien Shiung Wu was a nuclear physicist. ----> Chien Shiung Wu was a member of faculty at Princeton before the University even admitted woman as a student and also known as the "First lady of Physics. She made significant contributions in the field of nuclear physics. Wu worked on the Manhattan [...]

Psychology says…

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I’m there

Today's Topic on Poem :- Friendship + Encourage + Humanity I am there.... I am there with you. I will not sympathize with you Nor I will feel pity for you. Because , I know that you are brave To pass every storm. You are brave to cross every path. I know you are not [...]

Animal Behaviour – Cats

 In some cases, though, it can be a sign of a problem. If you're concerned, ask Also, give your cat fun, relaxing diversions. --------------------------------------

Wolf spiders in a warming to the Alaska Arctic……

Amit Kumar|mydatawords|15 June 2020|3 min Wolf spiders are among the most important predators in the Alaska Arctic The new research from Washington University in St. Louis and the study conducted in Alaska suggests that as female wolf spiders become larger and produce more offspring, competition among them increases triggering higher rates of cannibalism and reducing [...]


-------------------------------------------- Life teaches you many lessons, Just open your heart to it, The only impossible thing will be the one you don't do, You will see many failures, But don't let them fail you, Respect your haters, Because they deeply praise you, And make you believe in you, And believe the fact that you are [...]

The young eye

--------------------- ------------------------ I grimace at the deep gash above the young woman’s eye. It stands out angry in dark shades of green and purple against pale skin and her mother chokes on emotion as she pulls back the curtain on her soul. I know he could make things right for her but he does not. [...]

015 – In Briefly

------------------------------------------------------------------------ World Athletics rescheduled to 2022 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The World Athletics Championship of 2021 has been postponed to 2022 to accommodate the change in the schedule of Tokyo Olympics 2020.The decision has come due to the change in Tokyo Olympics dates, which was earlier scheduled to be held from July 24 -August 9, 2020. The championship [...]


Its a bright and a sunny day It is a bright and sunny morning today Feel that energy in the day Look beyond the things you want. All the wishes you need to flaunt Take this as a new day in life. Where you would smile all through the strive. Thank the God for this [...]

USA may suspend Visas…

Today's Topic on:- USA + Policy + Visas + Social Science USA-May-Suspend-Visas… According to the statement of White House the administration is currently evaluating a wide range of options formulated by to protect American workers and job seekers especially disadvantaged and undeserved citizens. Such a decision by the Trump administration is likely to have an [...]

014 – In Briefly

USA may suspend Visas… The Trump administration is considering a proposal to suspend a number of employment based immigration visas including the H - 1B and others visas in view of unemployment in America due to the pandemic. The proposed suspension could reportedly extend into the government new fiscal year beginning October when many new [...]

” Student feeling stressed…

--------------------------- ------------------ Mental and Emotional health of the student. In a digital environment that can look a lot different ( both students and the educators) challenges. In the survey found that almost everyday 98 percent agreed that educators should be trained in trauma informed classroom practices and more than eight in ten ( 82 percent [...]

USA has two million Vaccine..

------------------------------------'''------------------------'--------------------------------------------- The national institute of health has been fast tracking work with biotech firm modern a on a potential vaccine to prevent covid19. As a report of white house health advisor Dr. A. Fauci had said earlier this week that there are at least four trials of potential vaccine that he is either directly or [...]

013 – In Briefly

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The World Bank said the long term damage will be particularly severe I economics that suffer financial crisis and in energy exporters because of plunging oil prices. Corona virus and the resulting recession will leave lasting scars on the developing world through multiple channels including lower investment and a retreat from global trade and [...]

12 – In Briefly

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SpaceX CEO Elon Musk Said Creating the production system is 1000 percent harder than building one rocket, while sharing a picture of the Starship production complex in Texas. This is the truly hard thing and also replying to a user who urged him to make rockets first. He also revealed that the Starship complex [...]

” The Orinoco and Uncovering its Stories “

--------------------------------------------------------,----------------------------------------------'---------- I look for the imprint of the land in the face and the human body and i try to access a space where a memory or story can be told from an intimate of the land in the face and the human body. I also look for strong human emotions that overflow and leave [...]

Gluten free diet??…

A gluten-free diet excludes the protein called gluten. A gluten-free diet is popular among people without gluten-related medical conditions. *Popular gluten-filled foods like bread, pasta, barley, and rye all have a welcome place at the vegan table. Gluten is found in grains such as wheat, barley, rye, and a cross between wheat and rye called [...]


To re-open schools during corona virus [ Britain ] Derby….

Photo: Adam fradgley According to the report teacher asked education professionals if corona virus crisis made them more or less likely to leave with 23 percent. As around one in ten teachers are also thinking about leaving the profession and one in four head teachers are considering quitting because of the stressful crisis because of [...]

11 – In Briefly

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fastest internet speed of 44.2 Tbps recorded ,researchers from Australia monash Swinburne and universities have recorded the fastest internet data speed of 44.2 Terabits ps it is capable of downloading 1000 HD movies in a split second. Researchers said they achieved it by using a device that replaces around 80 lasers found in existing [...]

10 – In Briefly

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cambridge University has become the first British university to cancel all face-to- face lectures until summer 2021 due to rigid social distancing. A statement by the university said that The University is constantly adapting to changing advice as it emerges during this pandemic and lectures will be live streamed and will also be recorded [...]

09 – In Briefly

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the last month Japan's economy has slipped into recession amid the corona virus crisis. The world's third biggest economy shrank 3.4 % in the first three months of 2020 compared to a year ago. its biggest slump since 2015. Japan didn't go into full national lock down but issued a state of emergency [...]

08 – In Briefly

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spraying disinfection on streets not recommended to remove corona virus.According to the WHO has said that streets and sidewalks are not considered as routes of infection for corona virus. Spraying or fumigation of outdoor spaces such as streets , sidewalks, walkways or marketplaces is not recommended to remove or inactivate Cov-2 and other pathogens [...]

07 – In Briefly

---------------------------------------------------'------------------------------------------- In the study found highest levels of micro plastic ever recorded on seafloor with up to 1.9 million pieces in a layer covering just 1 sq. meter. Researchers said shocked by the volume of micro plastics found in deep seafloor and deep sea currents were responsible for transporting tiny plastic fragments and fibers across [...]

Equations- 01

Albert Einstein ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Scientists call 1905 Albert Einstein's - first proposed in 1905 the theory of relativity has radically altered the course of physics and our knowledge of the universe past present and future --> The equation E = mc2 It's the world's most famous equation. Energy equals mass ( matter) times the speed of light [...]

06 – In Briefly

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fire in Spain burns without harming trees and grass . In the Spain a fire sweeping through a park without harming trees and grass has gone viral. As a report it was shot at a park in Calahorra and the white layer on grass is seeds from poplar tree and the fire burns away [...]

Note – Environment

Message, Do you think it's right to treat your distant relatives like this ,You are destroying our ecosystem, we are exhausted and you face potential extinction you must do something now before it's too..... Gorilla. ------------------------------ Message, Pensez-vous qu'il est juste de traiter vos parents éloignés comme ça, vous détruisez notre écosystème, nous sommes épuisés [...]

05 – In Briefly

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cyprus to pay holiday costs of tourists who contract corona virus Cyprus has pledged to cover the holiday costs of tourists who test positive for the corona virus on the eastern mediterranean island nation. The cypriot government said that it will pay for the accommodation, medicine and food for corona virus patients and their [...]


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04 – In Briefly

Thunderstorm damages Taj Mahal marble. ---------------------------------------'-------------------------------------'---------------------------------- Taj Mahal's marble railing damaged due to thunderstorm. A thunderstorm in Agra and damaged the marble and red sandstone railings and the wooden main gate of Taj Mahal " About ten tress on Taj Mahal premises also toppled repair work is to be undertaken after assessment of losses an [...]

01 – In Briefly

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley entered the International Space Station [ ISS ] and joined the crew at 1:02 PM ET ( 10:32 PM Sunday IST). Their arrival took place hours after SpaceX crew Dragon they travelled in successfully docked with the ISS. This is marks the first time in human history [...]


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“ Time does not exit ? “

---------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- The U S astronomers Edwin Hubble and M. Humason showed that the farther a galaxy is from the Earth, the faster it is speeding away from us. The discovery paved the way for what we now call the Big Bang model of cosmology – the idea that all of the matter and energy [...]

To Know about Cooking with CBD oil !

--------'------------------'-------------------- According to the WHO has reported that CBD exhibits no effect indicative of any dependence potential and no evidence of public health related problem with use of originality CBD. Its naturally chemical compounds present in the cannabis plants found in both Marijuana and industrial hemp. Tips for CBD oil :- Find CBD infused sweets [...]

The Kids Rights Index

The UN Convention on the Rights of the child is the global framework for children's rights. The Kids Rights Index is the only annual global ranking on how countries worldwide are adhering to children's rights. --> Unique domain child rights environment provides insight into the extent to which a country to carry out the UN [...]

” Ancient Roman Mosaic in Italy….”

Photo: comune di Negrar di Valpolicella The mosaic was found a few meters beneath a row of vines a week after work resumed after the corona virus pandemic. Ancient Roman mosaic floor discovered under vines in Italy- " Pristine archaeological treasure near verona date 3rd century AD". According to Archaeology the discovery in 1922 the [...]

Inspirational Quotes

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In South Korea reported New cases.

In the South Korea  reported New corona virus cases from densely populated Seoul area and infections founded to the warehouse workers. Now the condition total number of corona virus cases- 11475 + Photo: park chul hang/ yonhap. A pupil wearing a face mask to help protect against the spread of the corona virus holds his [...]


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USA terminate relationship with WHO

US President Donald Trump late Friday announced the country will permanently "terminate" its relationship with the World Health organisation.Trump's statement comes a week after he threatened to permanently halt funding for the World Health Organization (WHO) if it did not commit to improvements within 30 days, and to reconsider the membership of the United States [...]

#01- ” To make and use good memories “

Unsplash by Jon Tyson --------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "" Happy memories is significantly related with present happiness and to become memory architects and control what we and those around are and are not going to remember. "" ==> Do something new Try, Try, and Tried tested and true has its upsides but memorability is not one of [...]

#01- An Unidentified Flying Object

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An unidentified flying object, or UFO, is anything in the sky that cannot be explained by the person who sees it. Some people think that UFOs are alien spaceships. But most scientists say that UFOs can be explained in much more ordinary ways. Descriptions of UFOs have ranged from glowing wheels to colored balls [...]

” Robin – Bird “

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I believe that now more than ever it is important to remain engaged with and we are restricted from accessing spaces such as nature reserves and national parks….It is not easy to forget the wild life ----------------------- ---------------------------- ----------------------------------- ------------------ ---------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- ———- ————– ———— ————— ———— —————- —————- ———– “” [...]

#Four- line story

Photo by cottonbro on Today's Topic on :- In Four line story theme on mental health. Validate your emotional reaction - In Four line Story -->> Its okay to fell anxious , stressed and sad. Its also important to understand that these feelings will likely come to waves. When people do not know whats [...]

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“The Earth Magnetic field weakening”

>> The Earth's magnetic field has lost 10 percent of its intensity in the last two centuries as a report we known about the Earth and read that the Earth magnetic field protects us from solar radiation. In the South Atlantic Anomaly between Africa and Latin America has recorded a rapid decline there , in [...]

” New Zealand against covied-19 “

To know about New Zealand battle against of covid-19 and How did the country achieve this?? Nationwide lock down had been imposed when New Zealand had around 100 cases and no loses.moving swiftly to order a stringent lock down. Above image the Beaches, playground ,offices and schools all were shutdown restaurants bar were also closed [...]

In Briefly CBD- effects and is safe.

According to the neurologist, the brain has receptors that respond to endocannabioids which are neurotransmitters that are naturally produced in the body and brain.Instead the effects of CBD are much more subtle and much more personal because of some people feel experience fewer aches and pains, thanks to CBD are much more subtle and much [...]


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“AI used to identify brain injury “

>> Artificial intelligence (AI) that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. AI may be more consistent than a human at detecting changes over time. AI was able to classify individual parts of each image and tell whether it was normal or not. The could be useful for future studies [...]

“The Discovery of Sparta “

The stories of sparta's rediscovery include those of a 15th century trader turned antiquarian an 18th century scholar who left his reputation ( sparta) in ruins the builders who reconstructed the city after Greek independence an the temple of Athena chalkioikos build on the spartan acropolis a small hill is now discernible only by its [...]


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What is CBD oil..?

CBD oil mean- Cannabidiol (phytocannabinoid) and is extracted from cannabis plants and can be used as an oil. CBD oil is rich in chemicals called Cannabinoid that blind to specialized receptors in the brain and also known cannabinoid is THC means Tetrahydrocannabinol. THC and CBD have exact same chemical bond with only difference being the [...]


Antarctica’s snow turning green

The snow in Antarctica is turning green as microscopic algae bloom across the surface of the melting snow due to climate change as report the dominant photosynthetic organisms in Antarctica but the new mapping found 1,679 separate blooms of green snow algae,which together covered an area of 1.9 sq km, equating to a carbon sink [...]

“AB Aurigae Star “

AB Aurigae is a Herbig Ae star 3 in the Auriga constellation According to the researchers observed a spiral structure with a 'twist' near the centre which a new world may be in the process of forming. Astronomers believe they may found the first direct evidence of a new planet being born researches observe swirling [...]

Timeline about the new Vaccine.

To speed up the normal process of vaccine development developers are compressing the timeline. ---> The fastest a vaccine has been made in five years. But Now this pandemic covid-19 goal change for covid-19 vaccine development and given timeline is under 18 months. Firstly, Small-scale production of clinical trial material |==> Pre-clinical trials ---> Phase [...]

Interdisciplinary project for bipolar patients.

In an interdisciplinary project with scientist and medical division to use bipolar patient derived fibroblasts to gain a deeper understanding into patient circadian rythms and how these rhythmic changes could predict lithium sensitivity in bioplar disorder. Currently the pathophysiology of bipolar disorder remains elusive but treatment with lithium continues as the benchmark pharma, functioning as [...]

Unemployment Rise in the UK …..

Amit Kumar|mydataword |May 19,2020|5 minutes "In the UK unemployment increased by 50,000 to 1.36 million in three months to March as lock down began and also claiming unemployment.." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- According to research by the resolution foundation young people are most likely to have lost work or seen their income drop due to pandemic of the [...]

Briefly in Consent or deal

Nothing others do is because of you what others say and do is a projection of their own reality their immune to the opinion and action of others you won't be the victim of needles suffering and not take anything privately. The courage to ask questions and to express what you really want to communicate [...]

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Briefly in Psychology

When a person talk less and if he talk fast then it means that person keeps secrets. When a person laughs too much even on stupid things be sure that person is sad deep inside. When a person sleeps a lot be sure that person is lonely. When someone cannot cry then that person is [...]

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