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Every day wake up with new ideas most of my ideas come to me in the morning and in myself I’m very imaginative and motivational person and in my thoughts say ” if your heart says your are doing the Right thing then just go with” because Everyone is knowing the life is journey so spending time with your right things and also spending time with those you love. Here I have used different perspective for that sentence [spending time] because someone love person, someone love things, someone loves animals, plants, nature etc… [ this is for my followers and visitors ].

// As always, I have not followed the majority and I have always been on the right track ( I think so), I know about this and am happy about it too, sometimes it is okay to be different. // [ Here my perspective different. But someone doesn’t understand well, Why? Don’t know. Okay..]

I’m started My Blog Page just few months ago purpose for only to share my knowledge on different and different subject fields & updating & Awareness to the World and to the People through my work. That’s it.

|–>> Firstly, Basically, I’m a textbook bookish [ my subjects related books] and recently interested on others categories mean Non- Fiction books and slightly Fiction books. [ about that i will be updating later….. ].

|–>> Secondly, I’m not a poetics . I would to tell you that is about my new section started in My Blog Page Poems (Poetry). When i was published Poems in My Poem section then my followers supported to me with likes and with Nice Comments and my two of the poems are famous that’s I hope you [ Poem ] and Something [ Poem ]. Then in the months of July & August[ 2020] again I’m started new series about Story , Short-story and my newly creation ## Four- Line Story [ also famous & this section depends on Perspective and thoughts that’s my creativity to the my Followers and others] then again my followers supported to me with likes and Beautiful comments.

Then, i would realized that I’m doing well in this series and also the above section. So, i have decided that i will be continue my work on the above section and the series. [ for my followers and also others upcoming followers ]

And Secondly in my thoughts say ” Always believe in yourself your dreams and in your Words”. Its journey to take time for Successful. Always remember the world is beautiful and it’s depend on our vision how to look out. “

……….. (📚) coming soon( 📚) …………

Credit to My blog [ Website]🎖🏆🎉 :- The following three lines are important for My Blog Page.

1) Few days before i helped My One Hundred And Eight followers a little bit through My Poems and Specially My Thoughts on different situation because they told me so.

2) And also in the months of June, July, August & September & December 2020. I helped My Sixty Nine followers a little bit through My Articles [ different subjects ] because they told me so.

3) And Again days before My Fifty Eight Followers told me that you are working good in this section [ Story , Short-story and ##Four- Line Story ] and you are encouraged us through your works. Please continue this section and I also messages to all of [sent]. Don’t worry about that, I will and I will…..:):) Hahahaha……..

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