🐉Battle of Dragon – [ Part 1]🛡🐲

Hi friends today’s about short-story time always in different way and for My friends and My followers. So today’s topic about short- story but it’s interesting i hope you will like it. So lets start….. [ dedicated to author’s friends and writer’s and friends ] because this is my first post dragon related.] it’s fun to me and coincident.

Just start but in Many a battle. Allen had his hands held out and was using a shielding spell to defend the top of the cave where the Nest was located. But nothing like this. The attack had come so swiftly. They had been ready to defend and for the Barrier to come down. They had been ready to fight, but not anything like what they were facing. He swung his sword, knocking down two cyborgs at once, sending them back down the hill. Beside him was using stunning spells to keep a slew of invaders from getting any closer.

The pirates were coming from every direction now. In the area in front of the Nest, Wilder threw axes that returned like boomerangs after they hacked into an enemy. They were all doing their very best, and it wasn’t enough. The MadgeTech being launched at them was taking its toll. Traveler didn’t know how much longer they had. But….

He started to think but he wouldn’t have a choice anymore for this. — Amit Kumar [ 15:04:2020 ] ( http://www.mydatawords.com)

Even with the dragons flying overhead, blasting fire at the thieves, they weren’t making a dent in the numbers. There was also the blimp that had dropped a bomb on the Castle, making it explode with fire. The blimp was now taking all the dragon’s attention. There was a shield on the blimp that deflected all their attempts. Another of those strategically placed bombs and the Aigiton Traveler would be wiped out.

Photo by Ann H on Pexels.com

How had it all come down to this for traveler ? How could he lose his home after all these centuries like this? He let out a scream as he pulled his sword again, slicing through men with wires covering their chests and strange eye patches. Wilder spun around after catching one of his axes. Traveler yelled, knowing what the young dragon rider was referring to. yeah i am traveler but Wilder didn’t think Traveler was embracing the power he inherited from his brother. He thought he was holding back, and maybe he was, but he didn’t know how to harness the power.

It was a power that, if he wasn’t careful, would overwhelm him. It was the kind of power that could burn him up. Something very deep in his spirit prevented him from fully trying. Traveler had never felt a power like what lived in his blood and bones now. It was Thad’s power, and it corrupted, and traveler would never allow that to happen.

Thank you for enjoying’s. My first  short-story about.📝

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