🍝🍱Veg Noodles Recipe’s – My First Recipe.😉🍝🍝😊

Today’s topic on :- Vegan recipe’s + Foodie + First-time + Kitchen + For Friends.

Hi friend’s today’s topic is interesting because its related to the food / foodie hahaha.. and vegan recipe’s with enjoyments in the kitchen. it’s slightly fun post for me hahahaha you know. I said Mom don’t come here for an hour[ kitchen] because i want to make and I’m going to make noodles differently… What….,yeah i will it’s interesting for me and after few minute’s. Okay that’s it that’s it, you can do that….[ thank you! ] it’s just fun….Okay friends.. Lets start…..

My first recipe is dedicated to all my friends/ ( Foodie )🌐🗺

So, friends today’s Veg Noodles Recipe’s:– Firstly we can starting with noodle step means the noodles must be coated with little oil after they are boiled and drained. This really helps in preventing the stickiness.

Ingredients: –

200 grams noodles + used Noodles one tablespoon sesame oil one tn vegetable oil two teaspoons minced garlic one tn minced ginger one green chili sliced one stalk celery chopped one medium red onion 100 grams, sliced1 large carrot 50 grams sliced, can use mix of green and red three stalks green onion chopped + more to garnish2.5 tablespoons soy sauce one tn [ my friend used here but I’m not used but if you want to use you can depend on your choice. Okay friends rice vinegar or white vinegar one tn ] hot sauce like sriracha1/2 teaspoon sugar optional 1/4 teaspoon black pepper powder1/2 teaspoon salt or to pinch white pepper powder one tn chili oil optional. [ Rinse -chop all the veggies. Keep it. The vegetables added are cabbage, carrots, beans, capsicum and spring onions. Here I mixed and made with ways and also add / As your choice cloves, Garlic four or three slices Ginger Green beans three Red chilies, dried. Easily customize this noodles recipe by adding vegetables, as you likes.

One of the most popular flours for making pasta is semolina flour, which is a coarsely ground flour made from a particularly hard variety of wheat called durum. And second you have to use a bit more oil than you would have wanted while cooking the noodles with the veggies. I used to add 1 teaspoon of oil and it never tasted like. This recipe uses 2 tablespoons of oil and believe me I couldn’t tell the difference if this was homemade. Chop all the veggies before you start making the noodles. Boil the noodles according to instructions on the package. I was supposed to cook my noodles for four or five minutes. Add in the sliced carrots, bell pepper, green onion and cook for one or two minute on high heat. The veggies should remain crunchy. Push veggies to the side, lower the heat and add soy sauce, hot sauce (like sriracha) and sugar (if using). You can also used your-  favorite veggies- carrots, cabbage, zucchini, bell pepper capsicum and spring onions. You can even add a variety of fresh mushrooms [ if you have].

This veg noodles recipe and recipe can be made with regular noodles. Heat two to three tablespoons sesame oil in a wok or pan. You can even use as your choices [ oil or any flavored] oil instead of toasted] oil. Keep the heat to low or medium-low. Here again remember add one teaspoon finely chopped garlic and 1 teaspoon finely chopped ginger. Toss the veggies to combine well with the sauce. Add in the black pepper, salt and white pepper. Stir in the boiled noodles. Using a pair of tongs, mix it well so that the noodles are well coated with the sauce. As a final touch, stir in a teaspoon of chili oil. This is totally optional. Toss the noodles well and garnish with more spring onion greens. [ Keep on tossing and stirring till the veggies are mixed well for minute or two. Switch off the heat. Check the taste and add more salt, black pepper or soy sauce if required to the veg noodles. Serve veg noodles steaming hot as it is or with some black bean sauce or tomato sauce.]

Short video :- Before + after + finally because I was so Hungry . hahaha

In short :- You know important things here firstly, you can use noodles as your choice and refer package instruction to know the cooking time[ if you don’t know hmmm or if you know about that’s good hahaha Also, add veggies of your choice to make it more nutritious. additionally, stir fry on high flame to get a smoky flavor. finally, veg noodles recipe tastes great when good amount of sauce is added.

Thank you for enjoying’s.My first recipe -Veg Noodles Recipe’s 😉😋😊

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Thank you !!! 😉but next post different….😊

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