In Central America raises new humanitarian challenges — Report Reminder.

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Hi friends today’s topic is very different [ Always in different point of views because I am. ] and Honduras People and Guatemalan’s you can consider because Humanity matter. So, I am trying to explain your both of you situation through in this article and and this topic is dedicated to the people. Okay… So,Let’s start reading….

The Guatemalan foreign ministry said in a statement it was working with Mexico to determine if any of its citizens were among the victims. Migration has been on the rise from the region in recent months as families flee the devastation of two severe hurricanes and the economic damage from the coronavirus. According to The International Committee. The combination of COVID-19, social exclusion, violence and climate-related disasters that occur at the same time with a magnitude seldom seen before in Central America raises new humanitarian challenges and the exposure of irregular migrants to situations of high risk to their health and their lives, primarily during the health emergency and also to orderly, safe and legal migration with respect for human rights and with humanitarian policies.


Under the administration’s proposal, US law would be amended to allow DHS to send unaccompanied children back to situations of potential harm with only a cursory screening. It would also raise the bar for people seeking asylum in the US when they attempt to demonstrate credible fear of being returned, weakening a protection system that already fails too many vulnerable people. Asylum seekers in the US already face formidable challenges to being protected, including lengthy court backlogs, lack of legal representation for people who cannot afford an attorney, prolonged detention, and widely inconsistent rates of granting asylum across the country, with some jurisdictions denying almost 92% of claims while others deny fewer than 28%.. But there is no indication that the caravan is anything other than a non-violent group of a few hundred vulnerable people desperately seeking to escape other than a non-violent group of a few hundred vulnerable people desperately seeking to escape violence in Central America or better their circumstances. And many participants actually intend to stay in Mexico.




Administration is using the threat of a migrant invasion to justify his calls for harsh new asylum policies and for the military to guard the border, an idea that has already been tried to tragic effect. He is betting that his audience won’t bother to check if there’s any factual basis to the panic he is creating. But for the people impacted by his proposed policy changes including vulnerable children fleeing for their lives, there are very real reasons to be afraid.


the Honduran migrant caravan sit on the side of a highway after being turned back by Guatemalan security forces.

According to the report – Many in the caravan were hopeful that U.S New Administration and would drastically change their situation, route and at the U.S border. That was not the case, as the US, Mexican and Guatemalan government have continued to work together to stop caravans. […]

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The United States and Honduras also signed a fourth arrangement to cooperate on non immigrant visa programs that facilitate employment opportunities for temporary workers from Honduras seeking employment in the United States. This agreement will contribute to joint efforts to promote foreign direct investment, trade facilitation, and customs enhancement. A Mexican law has stopped the U.S from rapidly turning away migrant families at one of the busiest sections of the southwestern border forcing to resume releasing families into the country. The broad scope of this relationship has progressed into key agreements with respect to economic and environmental cooperation; cultural, humanitarian, and security support and migration.


And Honduras message [ said] Because we’re not leaving here. We’re going to carry on. I want to get through because it’s horrible in our country. There’s nothing in Honduras.


So, Many in the caravan were hopeful that U.S.A New Administration and here , Guatemala’s message apparent. These types of illegal mass movements [of people] will not be accepted, that’s why we are working together with the neighboring nations to address this as a regional issue.

In short:-

Central American migrant traveling through Mexico has diminished since[ Administration] and deployed National Guard troops to the Southwest US border. Central Americans have made up the biggest share of people crossing the US southern border often to seek Asylum from violence in Guatemala, Honduras. And El Salvador. And more difficult under stricter US immigration norms and Many in the caravan were hopeful that U.S New Administration and would drastically change their situation and at the US border.

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