🏰 Hogwarts houses – information in briefly.🦁🐉🐲

This information was sent to me by friend.[Both discussion and some parts ]

The Gryffinclaw house member is curious and adventurous and has a natural craving for exploration due to and they may be seen as jack of all trades as they try and juggle all their pursuits whether recreational or intellectual while they do believe that people are good they can be a bit cynical sometimes which puts them in a state of anger towards society in general.  Gryffinpuff is very brave and would often go through great lengths for other people’s needs Harmony and balance is really important for them partly because the emotions other people feels can easily affect their own but mainly for the sake of  happiness and they are patient and are able to see the beauty around them. And they are also very tactful but not cunning.

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Slytherdor The slytherdor is all about hard work and determination they are down to earth and driven they focus on what is in front of them and what they are facing at the moment instead of going through losts of ideas at once they are practical and tend to take things in a professional approach as or of their maturity and common sense their main goal is up there at the top and they will definitely not settle for less. Slytherclaw The scholar fiercely independent they are deep thinkers and would more likely and spending their time introspecting rather than going out to do stuff. They are very inventive and clever always being able to come up with new ideas very idealistic when motivated enough they can form a deadly combination and in spite of their silence truly a force to be reckoned with.

Slytherpuff they are responsible and one can easily depend on a Slytherpuff like the Slytherclaw social interaction is not their forte despite being well liked enough by other people due to their kindness. Beside all that however the Slytherpuff is very ambitions forceful and loyal yet they are able to draw the line when they are hurting others too much and they are want to help others and they make great teachers because of their sense of duty combined with their intellect and consideration. Ravenpuff the Ravenpuff is aware of all the mysteries that surround them and they are determined to solve then in order to learn they are often very spiritual and also very peotic saying things and they are able to see the beauty in things the Ravenpuff is very artistic and creative making.

So, we are going to Ravenclaw ,Slytherpuff and Gryffinclaw [ are good at what they are interested in but need to have that interest.]

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