Democracy and Democracy Matters – [ Message ] 📚 Published thoughts 📚…..

The People to the People -[ Message] Democracy-Matters

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Today’s topic on :- Democracy + Democracy-Matters + People + Countries + Worldwide + Message.

|| Democracy = Thoughts By Amit Kumar [ ] | Updated on January 21, 2021 ||

Hi friends today’s I’m sharing about important message to the people and to the world…. in my words…[ In this post only for message to the people ]

To the People to the people….

***Published thoughts [ already]- By Amit kumar😊asn Author [ My book-📚 ]


/*** Dedicated to the People and Democracy ***\

Note:- Here my perspective is different Okay… So it’s depend on your point of view….


I am not talking about facing the European Union countries and how [ New Administration], but I have questions to the people. [You know what’s going on….]..

“” Are you really satisfy / satisfied ?? “” My question to the People yeah I know you don’t have answers because you well know about that.

Always [ In different point of views ] 😊

I know that I am not making a congratulatory statement [ It’s time for work ] here because my first priority is to the people and their values.

But you cannot understand and it’s ordinary.. [ Message to the People worldwide. ]


Okay..Lets start our today’s topic :- Democracy

[ In the following thoughts in my words ]

I don’t know you believe or not but i believe in democracy.

⚖***Note :-  It’s better Stay away from lawful action.⚖ Copyright.







And Lastly i will hope…..[ thought ].

Thank you for reading….

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Thank you but next post different.…☺😊


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⚖***Note :-  It’s better Stay away from lawful action.

8 thoughts on “Democracy and Democracy Matters – [ Message ] 📚 Published thoughts 📚…..

  1. Democracy has been the fulcrum of many civilizations, apart from the Greek one to the present day.
    Doing good for a people, for any political and governmental figure, is absolutely fundamental.
    It is a form of respect and civility.
    Obviously, for democracy to be the right choice, it needs a figure able to support it, to maintain civil order.🤗😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Legislative power is vested in both way and citizens are based where they lived or not and also their wealth.(instead of exceptional) and their power of people.
      To the People is important But some Governments are not fevourable to civility or feudal. (rather than)
      Democracy is more necessarily to right ( People) and stability to the Administration level ( For the People)
      Grazie mille! Eleonora! for sharing you thoughts. I’m happy about that.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, you may be right. But You know, I tried to explain (including this) in my previous posts also related
      (how & in simple Way).
      Thank you for sharing & thinking.
      Have a nice day ahead!


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