Short-Story About -The Norwegian Explorer the South Pole Regions.

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| Short story By Amit Kumar [ ] | On December 24, 2020 |

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Hi friends today’s the topic is interesting because we are going to the South Pole on the way to history and Short story about -The Norwegian Explorer Of Polar Regions.

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Norwegian explorer of polar regions

Amundsen – Part 1

Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen’s interest in the South Pole was not a long cherished dream as such. Amundsen had a burning desire to be first in any extra-ordinary pursuit. He had actually planned to be the first man to the North Pole, and he was about to embark on the northward journey in 1909 when he learned that the American Robert Peary had achieved the feat. (Peary’s feat would later be doubted by experts). Time was running out to be the first man to the poles. North was conquered. So, Amundsen set his sights on the South Pole, where English explorer Robert F. Scott was also headed. In October 1910, Amundsen sent a telegram notifying a shocked Scott of his intention and beg leave inform you proceeding Antarctic.


Roald Amundsen as a proud Norwegian it must have affected that he was viewed with some caution by the British who were very much a major part of the exploring community amongst whom he chose to live his life and channel his endeavors and Britain had a long and active exploring history in both polar regions and it was as a boy reading the Arctic expeditions of Englishman John Franklin, both prior to and including his fateful Northwest Passage attempt that ignited and Roald Amundsen’s fascination for the Arctic and a desire for exploration.


Thus began the race to the South Pole. Each party arrived in Antarctica in January 1911 and Scott established base camp at McMurdo Sound, while Amundsen set up his camp called Framheim at the Bay of Whales on the Ross Ice Shelf, located 60 miles closer to the pole. The two parties prepared for the journey to the pole by making expeditions south and establishing supply depots along their intended paths. The Amundsen party, which relied on sled dogs, reached farther south than the Scott party, whose Siberian ponies were less equipped for the conditions.


Roald Amundsen and his team became the first people to reach the South Pole on fourteen December 1911. They beat Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s British expedition by over a month. Amundsen’s success wasn’t really celebrated as it should have been. It took several months for the news of Amundsen’s success to reach Europe. Confirmation came at the beginning of March 1912 when his ship, the Fram arrived at Hobart, Tasmania. And other side, the Manchester Guardian of England congratulated the Norwegian on ten March 1912 and rather…..

We shall not grudge Amundsen his great success, which none but an explorer of great courage and resolution could win, but we look forward also with keen expectation to the solution of the questions which his success has raised.”

The success of Amundsen was not questionable. But the failure of Scott was terrible. The race remains a source of curiosity, research, grief, inspiration and entertainment even today. Amundsen had a few notable advantages.  He was one degree closer to the Pole at the time of departure from the Bay of Whales.  He also had a team that used dogs and knew how to ski well.  Finally, Amundsen’s team was well nourished thanks to the supplies of whole meal bread, fruit preserves, and seal meat. Amundsen was one of the most organized and professional explorers of his time.


Roald Amundsen accomplishment was tarnished by the perception that he had ruthlessly taken from Scott what was rightfully his and for which the English expedition paid the ultimate price. Tales of the men who gave their lives for the greater goal were more appealing than the story of a methodical group that planned well and executed better.

Roald Amundsen returned home in triumph and was well received on lecture tours describing his achievement , but this was soured when months later it was learnt that Scott and his party had also reached the South Pole but all of them […]on the way back. Somewhat ironically, Scott and his party became the heroes of the British media, with Scott himself being held as a major national hero in Britain.  Even though he lost the race and his life, he won the hearts of his countrymen and inspired many throughout the world.

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14 thoughts on “Short-Story About -The Norwegian Explorer the South Pole Regions.

  1. Very interesting. Scott’s ship which took him on the first expedition to the pole, The Discovery was built here in my home town which campaigned to get it back from London and did in the 1980s. It is part of a museum here in Dundee. You can get on board it to see round. Great post.

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    1. Hi Shehanne,
      Thank you so much being with me through this post and also as a follower.
      Yeah you right, You know, I’m always trying to show reality and I always appreciate those who truly deserve it [ In my views]. I would to see those places [ i want] and I like Scotland and Scottish people.
      Thank you Shehanne for Story reading this post.
      Have a nice Day! 🙂

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        1. Awww … its my pleasure. Thank you very much for your appreciation for this post and other posts also.I am really very happy about this and you got information through the post.

          I accept your comment with Faithfully. (Love Scotland )

          Thank you Shehanne!

          Have a nice day ahead!😊🤗🌻


    1. Hello Cheryl Ji,
      I’m just trying to show reality and I always appreciate those who truly deserve it [ In my views].
      That’s it. Thank you so much for reading. I glad about that….
      Thank You!!. Have a nice Day!..🌻😊🤗


  2. For someone like me, a history buff, this is an interesting post. As a Canadian, I am aware of our own explorers who travelled to the North Pole. I didn’t know much about the South Pole though. So, thank you for this. Happy New Year.

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    1. Aww… Oh, that’s great and it’s my pleasure. Thank you very much for reading and am really happy that it will be useful for you.
      Happy New Year! 🙂


    1. Wow! Jessica! that’s nice, (😀😅but I’m a bachelor😂😁( just kidding) 😊…….)
      You know, I didn’t think so. My article ( Short-Story) will be useful to someone like a flashback reminder but it happened. Thank very much Jessica (good friend) for reading this article and sharing your nice thoughts
      I always appreciate those who truly deserve it.
      🎄🎈⛄Merry Christmas! to You & family with happiness! and Peace!🎄🎈🎁⛄😊🤗

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