To know about what’ happening in the U.S [ Different way ]

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Today’s topic on :- Racism+ Reality + Businesses + Mis-Perceptions + Organizational+ Behavior + Human activity+ Awareness .

|| Article By Amit Kumar [ ] | December 17, 2020 ||

Hi friends today’s about different topics to know about what happening in the U.S again [ Mis-Perceptions different way ] and another ways.. but they don’t show it…[ I mean differently here okay…] Just Awareness only[ In briefly ]

The United States is in crisis [ about mis perception] . In a week that focused on reopening the economy,[ In different periods.], everyone has become aware that there is more than one pandemic affecting lives. We now see and hear Black people who are suffering from the weight of dehumanizing injustice and the open wound of racism that has been festering for centuries. These issues are not ones that organizations or their leaders can ignore. [ may be arise ].

You know, here after that research shows that how organizations respond to large-scale diversity related events that receive significant media attention can either help employees feel safe or contribute to racial identify threat and mistrust of institution of authority. Leaders seeking to create an inclusive environment for everyone must take meaningful action. But here’s how.

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Your actions will last far longer than your organization do in your community? And secondly.What would promote equity and justice and activate meaningful change? and thirdly, Whether you are a senior or junior leader, how can you advocate for such action?

This means committing to lifelong learning about racism. Acknowledge any harm that your black and brown, co-operand or coworkers have endured.  Seek the facts about racist events as well as the aggressions and micro-aggressions that your minority co-operand or coworkers have most likely faced inside and minority and outside of work and its matter. People are looking for leaders to affirm their right to safety and person hood and help them feel protected. When the administrations officers and **governors are not doing so, corp orates , universities and no-profit leaders can [ Note – Here my perspective is different about that okay..] . This means offering continued opportunities for reaction, reflection, conversation, growth, impact and advancement.

Think critically about how you can use your power to effect change. Racism is not just Black people’s problem it’s everyone [ Women’s issues are also included here ] problem because it erodes the fabrics of society. Leaders at every level must use their power, platforms, and resources to help employees and communities overcome these challenges and build a better world for us all.

Thank you for reading….

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8 thoughts on “To know about what’ happening in the U.S [ Different way ]

  1. I think that in the coming months, you will see many changes with respect to these issues in the US, Amit. Unfortunately, for the last four years, we have had leadership that brought out the worst in the racists and emboldened those with hatred of those different from themselves to resort to violence. Wish us well! ❤

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    1. 🎄 Thank you so much Friend ( GP Cox) Such a beautiful greating & meaningful (pic)🎄🎄 😀⛄Merry Christmas to you With happiness and Peace & Have a nice day. ⛄🎄🎁🎉🎈😊🤗

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