📷 Photography- ( Rose )

I am blooming in peace & purity.😊 🌼

[ I got my lens 📸👈😀😊🤗….]

🌼 🙏 My First post dedicated to all my photography blog friends and others. 🙏 🌼

Hi friends Today’s about photography related post. I’m starting now….

Today’s theme on Peace.

Thank you!!! 🌼🌼🌼🌼

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⚖***Note :-  It’s better Stay away from lawful action.

16 thoughts on “📷 Photography- ( Rose )

    1. I’m more enjoying the smell of these natural flowers (beauty). White rose means purity and to see more adorable.🌼😊🤗
      Thank you for comment!


        1. Oh that’s great. I think, good memories are always remembered and this line applies here. And our thinking is also connected for some time.


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