Scientists have found a new organ- [ In throat ]

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Hi friends, today’s topic on medical related and this post to medical related friends and also who are interested to know about this discover. And respected to the Scientists and researchers. [Thank you]

Introductory Part [ to know about discover new organ in human throat]

Scientists have found a new organ in the upper part of the throat and the researchers at the Netherlands Institute found an organ 1.5 inches in length on average according to the *Radiotherapy and Oncology. [* questions on ] and All medical related friends are well aware of these therapies / logy and for others this Introductory information sufficient about whats going on..*..

Histology and 3D reconstruction confirmed the presence of PSMA- expressing predominantly mucous glands with multiple draining ducts, predominantly near the torus tubarius the journal said in its report. The human body contains a pair of previously overlooked and clinically relevant *macroscopic salivary gland locations, the study said while proposing to name it tubarial glands. Okay.. but here I’d mention and its just basically to inform you firstly hard palate [ separates the nose from the mouth] and secondly soft palate [ the back of the roof of the mouth] and Epiglottis [ keeps food and liquids out of the Trachea when you swallow]

According to the radiation oncologist Wouter Vogel said,” “The two new areas that lit up turned out to have other characteristics of salivary glands, as well.”  

The researchers reportedly found new organ accidentally when they were using a combination of CT scans and positron emission tomography scans called PSMA PET-CT to study prostate and the doctors had injected a radioactive tracer in to the patient and found that all of them had the glands. Sparing these glands in patients receiving RT may provide an opportunity to improve their quality of life and the doctors said the new discovery would help in treatment and these glands can impact the quality of life due to radiation impact. As a researcher , Our next step is to find out how we can best spare these new glands and in which patients. If we can do this, patients may experience less side effects which will benefit their overall quality of life after treatment.

The future may be expected to provide an opportunity to improve quality of life. But research ongoing. [its only briefly information.] [* Updating later.] **[ The answers to some questions are not about discover (…) but here (….) Lets… hope…


In short:-

The new glands named Tubarial salivary glands are believed to lubricate and moisten the area of the throat behind the nose and mouth. In the institute discovered a new set of salivary glands about 3.81 ~ cm in length in human throat.

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