A Bravery woman who fought in the war – Eleonore Prochaska / Eleonora [Woman]

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Article with introduction :–

Hi friends today’ about Story of Bravery woman who fought in the war [ Eleonore Prochaska | introduction part ]. I know, the number of my followers waiting for my article about International Day. Okay ….

So let’s get to know about Eleonore Prochaska , a brave woman. [ #Women Rights Matters ]. My previous post means my thought is related to this post and also upcoming posts. I think so….

“” I assure that my previous thinking [ My thought –>Thought with Message ] will become more popular for that related situation in the future.”” ( And also dedicated to the people and to the worldwide. )

But , Its depend on your point of views .

My today’s post is dedicated to the Storyteller [ all ] and deserves it too. [ I will hope ]

Eleonore Prochaska was born on March 11, 1785 in Potsdam. and her father was a non commissioned officer in the Prussian guards, serving on a low income but her continuation. She grew up in a poor soldier family in Potsdam. After her mother’s early (…)incident then her father, a Prussian guard officer, sent her to an orphanage, where she later also worked as a domestic servant.

At a young age she was interested in the wars of liberation against Napoleon. At the age of 28 she joined the 1st Jäger Battalion of the Lützow Freikorps under the name August Renz. She fought in the Prussian army disguised as a man against Napoleon. She was badly injured in the battle in Göhrde and the helping Feldscher discovers her true identity. Prochaska was brought to Dannenberg.

Eleonore Prochaska was strongly idealized as a chaste heroine and honoured as “Potsdam’s. The heroic deeds of the virgin are still told today. She is revered as the Potsdam Joan of Arc. Many poems and dramas are about her, among others by Friedrich Rückert. A memorial plaque was placed in her honor on her grave in the St. Anne’s Cemetery in 1863 and in 1869 her hometown Potsdam received a memorial of honor. This is still today in the new cemetery in Potsdam. Eleonore Prochaska was one of many German women to fight in the Napoleonic Wars, though almost all of them were ejected from the army when it was found out that they were women.

A monument was also placed on her musically. With the help of the royal Prussian secretary Friedrich Dunker, the Bonn composer Ludwig van Beethhoven wrote an opera about her called ‘Leonore Prochaska’.

In addition to a dozen other women who fought against Napoleon like her, the Potsdam Joan of Arc is a symbol of the Wars of Liberation.

In short :- Marie Christiane Eleonore Prochaska was a German woman soldier who fought in the Prussian army against Napoleon during the War of the Sixth Coalition.

Friends, my opinions about those terms are always different and where I found something new or after that I always appreciated that information and that person or thing and I always show the hidden Era things [really deserve that feature]. And today story that part of views to really deserve woman and featuring her story. Today’s story is what a woman really deserves and is a feature of her story. In fact, I appreciate her bravery story through this post [ May be inspire to everyone].

“” Thank you for reading this article and thank you to all and me for all the words.“”

Again the leader of silent…..

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18 thoughts on “A Bravery woman who fought in the war – Eleonore Prochaska / Eleonora [Woman]

  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post.My partner always say’s..”.behind every great man is a far greater woman”. Your story recognized a truly great woman and so brave. Stay safe during these worrying times. !!

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    1. Thank you so much ma’am for reading this historical brave Woman story and sharing your amazing inner words.But Don’t worry Ma’am!! ( I will ) And thank you for thinking about me.
      Be safe! Be happy!
      Have a Nice Day Ma’am!!

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    1. Oh…. that’s glad to hear and took an interest in the topic and ( Im) told a short story (about her ) means introduction only.
      Thank you Ma’am! ( come🔙)
      Have a great weekend!⚘


    1. Hi Hannah!☺
      This is my style😊 and also thanksgiving.
      I’m here for those who truly deserve it and I always respect that person and I will. (upcoming)
      Nice to see you here 😊🤗

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        1. Always ma’am and it’s my pleasure. I’m just trying- Something doing a little bit contribution for the hidden woman. ( In my way )Because I’m different thinker.
          Thank you so much!! ⚘😊🤗

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    1. Don’t worry about that Ma’am, I will be as much as possible in my own way because I am here for her/hers. I always respect who truly deserves it. I will try to change this definition in the future.( means featurize ). (And I saw her as a bravery).But,It is depend on situation.
      Thank you ma’am!.🙏😊🤗

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