Thought with Message

Today’s topic on :- Hope + Liberty + Law + Government + Justice + Perspective + Reality + Countries + Worldwide.

Hi friends, Let’s start again after days days with this thinking.

So , Today I’m sharing my one of the more likable thought and was popular in the month of [ October.] Where is the kindness, but here kindness is a matter of social justice, equality and freedom.

A friend of my friend asked me something related….. After discussion, That time, I was thinking and then after wrote this thought. But he took it seriously and made it viral.. He is such a crazy guy…

Please don’t take other meaning here because my perspective different.
But, it’s depend on your right perspective!. [ how…. ] Okay.. [ Message to worldwide.]

” Dedicated to the People.

If want you can use this thought. But don’t forget mentioned [ ]” And

I hope so you understand well …..

Thank you!!

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© 2020 by Amit Kumar [ ]. All rights reserved.****⚖

⚖***Note :-  It’s better Stay away from lawful action.

7 thoughts on “Thought with Message

    1. Yeah… 👍😊
      You know,
      My thought is already dedicated to the World and for the People.

      It’s also popular thought. (for your information.)

      But it’s depend on understand.
      Thank you so much Alexa! 🌻😊

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  1. Amit, I think this is a Global concern. White supremacy and backlash to it are appearing in many places. We are seeing religious persecution, ethnic cleansing, civil wars, and violence.

    Unfortunately, these types of hatreds have been incited by our soon-to-be-replaced administration here in the US. We face many challenges in rebuilding our democracy and our national unity. I know many other nations are facing similar challenges.

    Thank you for sharing this timely post. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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    1. Hello ma’am,
      That’s right, Today’s reality is different and many different communities are facing problems ( Global). The thought came from a deeper in my writing and I knew it. One more thing, this idea was on the banner even during the election period. I don’t know about ( My friends told me about ) And I think so, thought applicable to nowadays reality situation.
      But here Democracy matter and others nations nowadays problems are also different because of administration and their working reality. But I hope so..

      Thank you Ma’am for expressed your thoughts.☺

      Have a great weekend!😊🤗


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