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Hi Friends today I’m sharing information about ” California wildfires ” .

The fires are also threatening larger towns including Santa Cruz where flames reached within a mile of the University of California Santa Cruz campus. The worst impacted areas are in the mountains to the south and east of San Francisco. Many of the blazes are burning on steep, difficult to access terrain and have been fuelled by strong winds.

Governor Gavin Newsom pledged that California was putting everything we have on the wildfires ravaging the state, while acknowledging that even that was not enough to blunt their spread. At least 560 fires have burned over 771,000 acres of area in the Golden State. Despite having deployed almost 12,000 firefighters statewide.

California is still struggling to contain the blazes in the state’s north, which are swelling further and forcing more people to flee their homes. Governor Newsom said he had asked for help from states near and far including on the East Coast and even from Australia. More fire-fighters, engines and surveillance planes are racing in from other states including Oregon, New Mexico and Texas to help. Assistance from what Gov. Newsom called “the world’s best wildfire-fighters” in Australia has been requested.

“We simply haven’t seen anything like this in many, many years,”

At least 119,000 people have already been ordered to leave their homes, Newsom said, and fire officials ordered more to flee on Aug 21, including along the Russian River near Santa Rosa. In total, the fires have burned an area larger than the size of Rhode Island since last weekend, and much of that was devoured by two massive groups of fires in Northern California. Those fire groupings, the S.C.U. Lightning Complex east of Silicon Valley and the L.N.U. Lightning Complex in Napa Valley, are the seventh-largest and 10th-largest fires in recent state history. An ancient stand of the world’s tallest trees has fallen victim to California’s raging wildfires. The CZU and SCU complex fires near Santa Cruz have ravaged Big Basin State Park. Big Basinis California’s oldest state park and home to the largest continuous stand of ancient coast redwoods south of San Francisco. Some of the giant redwoods there are more than 50 feet around and as tall as the Statue of Liberty. At 1,000 to 1,800 years old, some even predate the Roman Empire. Despite over 1,000 fire personnel working for the past three days, the blazes remain zero percent contained in Big Basin.

In Shortly : – Now Condition

Yesterday, firefighters gained full containment on the CZU Lightning Complex in Santa Cruz and San Mateo Counties. Crews continue to battle 26 remaining major wildfires in California. Today there are over 18,200 firefighters on the front lines. Firefighters continue to make progress on the over two dozen major wildfire, as well as the 22 new initial attack wildfires that were sparked across the State yesterday. There have been over 8,000 wildfires that have burned over 3.6 million acres in California.

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11 thoughts on “To know about ” California wildfires “

  1. In the long run, we must take better care of planet earth and use more sustainable energy that does not damage the environment. For right now, all I can think of to do is pray. Pray hard for the strength and safety of all life. Pray for rain over the fires. It’s the very least we can do. Thank you for reminding me.

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  2. Terrifying times we are living in – all brought to you by those who want to make a quick profit and leave the big problems to the next generation. Well, our planet is really angry and Mother Earth’s roar is getting our attention now. But will our so-called leaders do anything about this mess? They are on their knees to big corporations and the morbidly rich. We’ve got to get the greedy out of office without delay. I worry for the health and safety of my children and grandchildren and all the people who will be left behind to deal with this mess.

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    1. Thank you so much Ma’am for expressing your insightful words. Yeah your right about this is a big problem for the upcoming and after your this comment I’m just thinking to write another article about that situation.So, Now I only just say words Stay Safe and Healthy. Take care!

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