Something- Published Poem

Today’s Topic on Poem :- Happiness + Mnemonics + Understanding + Faith

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Hi Friends, today I’m sharing with interesting poem with happiness and something mnemonics.

Published Poem: – By Amit Kumar in 01/ 2018 Just for your information only

© 2020 by Amitkumar []. All rights reserved.

You see something , you smell something ,

You hear something and that reminds you of some things,

You build anchors and memory triggers into your life

You build memory this is to turn everyday,

You build objects into mementos,

You take on completely new activities every time,

we want to create a memory,

Suppose making your own celebrations,

Suppose making your own celebration around famous events,

And can all help mnemonics into the fabric of your life so ,

Something you are reminded of your own good experience every time.

Thank you for reading…..

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© 2020 by Amitkumar []. All rights reserved.

11 thoughts on “Something- Published Poem

    1. You doing well nowadays i know about that because i read your posts and also commented on. You know nature always taught us.
      Thank you!
      Have a good day!


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