Thought – [ Perspective ]

Today’s topic on :- Thought + Memories + Perspective + Reality + Person life.

Hi, today’s I’m sharing this thought about memories and good things . It depends on your right Perspective!

////// Memories are always remembered and that moment is also very important when we enjoy… //////

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7 thoughts on “Thought – [ Perspective ]

  1. Perspective is indeed everything. Trying to keep everything in perspective is sometimes easier done from a distance. In the moment, everything is big. In a few days or weeks, that same moment can be very small. I think I know what you mean though – it’s important to keep the good memories BIG and let the others grow smaller over time.

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    1. Aww, that’s good explained & understand (My friend Alisen!)
      & I’m happy. Let me tell you, this thinking is small ( for others) but I’m not think So, and the number of time showing ( about thought) and saying that I’m true ( in situation / moments ) and that’s important. But it’s depend on others view.☺


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