To know about A.I used to identify brain injury

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Hi friends ,today I’m sharing information about “A.I used to identify brain injury ” – Introduction about that [ How ]

>> As a researcher :- Artificial intelligence (AI) that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. AI may be more consistent than a human at detecting changes over time. A.I was able to classify individual parts of each image and tell whether it was normal or not. The could be useful for future studies in how held injures progress. To design and develop a tool we need and those automatically identify and quantify the different types of brain lesions. Normally when a patient had a injury, the sent for CT scan to check for blood in or around the brain [ to determine what is whether required].

>> As a researcher and according to the Dr.Newcombe said that detailed assessment of a CT scan with annotation can take hours especially in patients with more severe injuries and other researchers as a Prof. David menon said that CT is an incredible important diagnostic tool but it rarely used quantitatively.[ If we developed and design that we could use it in research and explore its possibly ].

>> In a research studies the Lancet for developing more personalized treatments for head injuries and validation could be useful in certain Clinical scenarios such Radiological. Radiologists will make estimates in order to determine the best course of treatment because of around the blood can lead to different patient outcome. As a [“Dr. Newcombe ] we want to use it one large datasets to understand how much imaging can tell us about the Prognosio of patients.”.

>> In another researchers and health institute to analyses large data sets will enable to check the ability and analyse large datasets automatically will also enable the study to solve important Clinical research question that previously different to answer [Prognosis which in turn may help target therapies].

>> According to the research report. The researchers developed a Machine Learning tool based on  Artificial neural network and clinically validate and tested the A.I on large sets of CT scans and successful [ to detect segment quantify and differentiate different types of brain lesions]. And also to have developed an A I algorithm that can detect and identify different types of brain injuries [ different university researches and colleagues from London-The AI into brain A.I ].

Research ongoing….[ I will update later]…

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    1. Yeah, i was wrote with interest this article (as a researcher) because scientists are finding the best way and Might be helpful to medically ( to identify brain injury)!

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