Don’t ask at work condition.

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Today’s topic on :- Reality + Mis-Perceptions + Organizational+ Behavior + Human activity

|| Article By Amit Kumar [ ] | August 08, 2020 ||

I’m just discussion some topics about human activity and behavior [ Company+employee] and Mis-Perceptions. Then result here…..

This is a introductory part

The reality is that many of us need flexibility and support like never before or for a referral to someone who might be hiring. Although our impulse right now may be to hold back from asking for or accepting help unless it is absolutely necessary, thinking this way can create norms where people are even less likely than usual to seek help and that’s counterproductive during these challenging times

Now that we are working through a pandemic, many of these fears feel supersized. But According to research, there are four prevalent the following conditions. You first need to understand some common mis-perceptions.

1) Many of us dread asking for help from a colleague. but the reality is that we need flexibility and support like never before whether its to reschedule a meeting at the last minute or to extend a deadline in order to build a culture where people can comfortably seek to help.

2) Asking for help makes you look bad many people worry that asking for help at work can make them look incompetent,but research shows that this worry has little basis in fact being seen asking for help can actually paint us in a more positive light. while it may feel like we are exposing our vulnerabilities in the workplace, people are less likely to judge us based on our imperfections than we may think.

3) If do ask for help i will be rejected the fear of hearing no can hold us back from reaching out especially if we think someone else has a lot of their plate research debunks this condition willing to help us than we may realize but will also put in more effort than we may expect.

4) Even if someone agree to help they won’t enjoy doing so , while it is easy to focus on the costs we also often overlook how they may benefit from helping us , research finds that doing someone a favor results triggers good someone feelings known as a warm glow as well as a sense of social connection this means that giving someone a chance to help you out could actually help lift their mood.

Having the opportunity to help a specific individual can sometimes be more emotionally rewarding than even donating to a charity. This is a time when we should feel more, not less, comfortable asking for and accepting help. There’s plenty of evidence that others are less likely to judge us and more likely to help us (and enjoy doing so) than we think.

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