The Ancient Middle Ages Story

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Today I am sharing the ancient Middle Ages, a beautiful princess story .

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In the ancient Middle Ages, a beautiful princess sat imperiously on her throne. She was tall, beautiful and very intelligent. Despite being very attractive and proud, he had never agreed to get married, had refused any marriage proposal offered to her, arousing the anger of the suitors. Princess Isabella (this was her name) did not care to wear a wedding ring on her left ring finger, the only concern she had at heart was the happiness and well-being of her subjects.

She was well-liked by everyone, her motto was to reign with wisdom and justice without making distinctions between wealthy feudal lords and peasants of the village, and for nothing in the world did she use the petty and abusive methods of her late father, that is to torture and execute anyone had been accused of even the smallest wrongdoing, without even certain proof. The king’s daughter still remembered perfectly the capture and imprisonment in the basement against a poor lumberjack on the sole charge of stealing a piece of bread to feed himself, all this was inadmissible for the princess, let alone a marriage with a man like that to the previous king.

“Royal Highness, you have to consider the idea of ​​getting married. Your father passed away and your kingdom needs heirs. You are young and beautiful, even the princesses of distant lands are envious of your extraordinary beauty, you cannot refuse to take a husband yet, remember that you can become queen only by getting married. ” This was what her advisers told her as she sat impassive on her velvet-padded throne. She seemed deaf, as if the words of the councilors did not reach her clear and distinct up to her regal ears.

She continued to remain firm and determined in her intention not to get married, she did nothing but repeat mentally that she did not need an arrogant man beside her. But soon his determination began to waver, in his heart he knew that his trusted advisors were right, he could not remain alone for the rest of his life, he could not allow his fiefdom to remain unattended. He tilted his head back, causing his wonderful auburn hair to fall at the height of his shoulders and thought about it for a few seconds. Suddenly an idea flashed in her mind and she suddenly got up and exclaimed.

“Lord Leonard, are you by any chance disdaining the physical aspect of your real?” Isabella replied sarcastically. “But no, no. I didn’t mean this “blushed the lord” it’s just that a crown like this doesn’t exist, if you cared so much about having a similar object, you could have it manufactured by the farriers of the many suitors you had refused. ” “Oh, it does exist.” the princess continued haughtily “And I will marry those who manage to bring it to me, immediately proclaim a notice where I launch this challenge and no complaints.”

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Having said that, Princess Isabella collected her silk tunic and retired to her rooms accompanied by the ladies of the company. All the boys aspiring to the throne were busy searching for that phantom crown but with failure, they were very disappointed and irritated, and began to doubt its existence. Had their sovereign used an excuse similar to that of the Greek queen Penelope to reject suitors, take time and wait for the return of her beloved Ulysses? Everything was possible.

In the meantime, a young knight named Kaspar learned of the intentions of the splendid princess. Years ago, he had saved Isabella from a pack of ravenous wolves and after that daring rescue both became good friends, but their friendship was immediately transformed into love. They intended to flee and live their life together away from the castle, since the king did not admit granting the hand of his noble daughter to a poor penniless soldier, without titles and without honors.

Entrusted to Kaspar’s hands, Isabella hurriedly ran to the manor before her father noticed her absence. Kaspar wanted to stop her to give her one last hug, but he didn’t. He simply let her go and kept the precious gift inside a treasure chest for many years. When the young man heard the announcement proclaimed by the servants, he understood that the time had finally come to reunite with his beloved and this time nothing and nobody would have prevented him. He immediately saddled his horse and set off at a gallop. Arriving at the castle, the handsome knight immediately asked for an audience with Princess Isabella.

“My intrepid subject, have you found what others have searched in vain?” the princess asked without too many preambles. “Yes, highness. I succeeded in my aim. I brought back what you called the medieval crown. “Kaspar” Isabella happily exclaimed, promptly getting up from her position “then I wasn’t wrong, it’s really you.”

“Yes I am.” The young man answered with a smile. The two shortened the distance that separated them by running one into the other’s arms. Suddenly there was an outburst of applause and shouts of joy. Finally Isabella and Kaspar could live their love in peace. They got married and started the celebrations and together they brought joy and prosperity to their kingdom.

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