The Five Qualities

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Today’s topic on Motivation + Lifestyle + Human life + Awareness + People

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The Five Qualities in briefly :–

Today I’m sharing about qualities [ its useful in our life ].
This five qualities is more important in the life and managing negative emotions and transcending them is then possible and the ability to concentrate and emotions.

Firstly to known about ethics. In this section refers to refraining from negative acts, gravitating toward what is positive and assisting others as needed again one motivation is key the intention to live ethically is the first step.

Then in the Joyful Endeavor means try hard and achieve something and refers to having enthusiasm in both living the other perfections and in pursuing the ultimate truth in life Enlightenment. This diligence should be as joyful and sincere as possible.

Thirdly Wisdom is the fact of being based on sensible and wise thinking. and discernment is the ability to obtain sharp perceptions and to judge well. can come from receiving education or instruction having realizations on your own or during meditation and its part of a well rounded life.

After the discernment we going to the fourth quality generosity in this section giving and it applies to the gifting of material items to those in need and giving intangible things like protection and understanding and there should be no other agenda than to help someone.

Lastly, patience is the capacity to accept and tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. in this section manifest by refraining from hurting those who have hurt you managing any suffering you must endure with dignity until it passes and also being patient with your own path to Enlightenment..

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© 2020 by Amitkumar []. All rights reserved.

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