Jessica Combs – [ rise of popular ] Part – I

Today’s topic on History+life+Racer [ Fastest Woman Jessi Combs ].

Jessica M. Combs was an American professional racer, television personality, and metal fabricator.

Jessi Combs – rise of popular – I

Jessi Combs was declared the fastest woman on four wheels after she piloted the North American Eagle at a speed of 398 mph in 2013 a record at the time. Jessi Combs was an American professional racer, television personality, and metal fabricator. And Jessi Combs could have lived a comfortably famous life without breaking the record. She had appeared as a guest host on several episodes of Discovery Channel’s “Myth busters.” Kari Byron, whose spot in the show Combs filled several times. She wound up beating her own record three years later with a 440 mph run and then again two years after that with a speed of 483 mph. This meant she was within touching distance of the absolute record of 512 mph, a record that she wanted to break before she retired.

Being the fastest woman on four wheels wasn’t enough she wanted to be the fastest woman ever. And that’s why she was will be celebrated. While driving the same vehicle on the lake bed in September 2018, a door ripped off, and Combs was forced to end that bid to break the record. Yet, she returned this year to complete the daring attempt and lost her life in the process.

Jessica Combs was an undeniable force of nature who left an indelible mark on the car world. So sad to hear about Jessi. She was a tough, uncompromising, or intimidating person. Always pushing limits. Sending smiles into the universe for her. Former Myth busters host Adam Savage tweeted that Combs was a brilliant and top-notch builder, engineer, driver, fabricator, and science communicator, and strove every day to encourage others by her prodigious example.

In addition to racing, she created a line of women’s welding gear. She took part in the famous Baja 1000 off-road race and was the first female to compete in the hardcore King of Hammers event, eventually placing first in her class in 2016, for which she was named “Queen of Hammers. Jessic Combs carried a variety of titles, several of which she earned from the world of racing, in addition to being an avid proponent for women in a male-dominated industry. Pushing physical limits, be it on land, water, or space, is always fraught with danger. Combs was challenging the status quo, presumably with a team of experts geared toward success and safety.

She understood the risks of accident better than most, having suffered through a difficult injury during her time hosting the TV series Xtreme4x4. Her official biography on North American Eagle, the group with which she broke the record in 2013 and was trying again, reads. In a widely publicized yet unexplainable accident in 2007 while working in the studio, Jessi was folded in two by a large piece of machinery that had fallen on her, burst fracturing her spine’s L3. The accident should have left her wheelchair bound, but instead, after surgery, bed rest, therapy, eight months and a little help from God, Jessi was granted full medical release.

Jessica Combs didn’t need to do this to achieve celebrity status. she already was one. She was also financially well off money was not her motivation. Her last drive was to settle an old friction between her and the road. It was about fulfilling the purpose for her existence.

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10 thoughts on “Jessica Combs – [ rise of popular ] Part – I

  1. I met her at one of my motorcycle rides and have friends that knew her very well. I remember going into Alameda on Alameda Point and seeing her work there with Mythbusters. She was a very sweet girl and really gave back to her motorcycle community and mechanic community uplifting women and young ladies to be independent. She is really really missed by all of us in this community. She did make the Guinness Book of World Records on this last ride she took. Signed and sealed she is the fastest woman on the planet. RIP Jessi.

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    1. It’s amazing for me and I follower (one of the) her friend (Kathleen Jennette) this is the best moment for me. I respected her and community ( JC personality inspire to every one other than her field ).you know very well apart. I m just trying to share her life in two or three parts. I know it’s not enough for her. I requested to you if any mistake please correct me about her story( I would like ). Thank you ma’am for sharing your words. next part coming soon..

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