Four popular street foods in the world – I

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Four popular street foods in the world – I

1. Ramen – Japanese dish

Photo: max-oh-unsplash

Althought Ramen is a Japanese dish, sources say that it actually originated in China , popular throughout the world and Ramen can be easily found on the streets of Japan and from Ramen shops, karaoke halls to amusement park and more noodles are served in a broth. There are three common types of broths in the Japanese Ramen Shoyu, and Miso and Tonkotsu, that is typically meat or fish based and soy sauce (Shoyu) and Miso is used as flavoring as well as toppings and in the Japan Ramen is a casual meal and is priced usually around 600-1,100 ( app.) yen per bowl. If you add extra toppings,you will still likely pay no more than 2,000 yen.

2. Banana Cue – Philippines

Photo: cuphio-unsplash

Made with saba bananas which is a variety of banana, it is a popular street food of Philippines.Banana cue or Banana Q is a popular snack food or street food in the Philippines And “cue” means barbecue, which in Philippine English refers to meat cooked in a style similar to satay the bananas are deep fried and coated in caramelized brown sugar before being skewered on bamboo sticks.Banana cue can easily be spotted around the streets of Manila and in other places within the Philippines as well.And (Someone) its popular mid-afternoon snack or for dessert but Filipino snacks usually consumed in mid afternoon. In the Philippines Banana Cue ( 10-15 pesos), one more thing Street prices vary but 5 pesos is a good price for a stick.

3. Pineapple Buns- Hong Kong

Photo:- pino unsplash

Traditionally pineapple bun contained no pineapple and earned its name because of its chequered top that resembles the skin of a pineapple. The top half of the bun is made from cookie-type dough, while the bottom is made from Chinese-style bread dough, which tends to be softer and sweeter than Western bread. many vendors insert a cold pat of butter into a warm pineapple bun and loved by locals for more than 70 years. In Hong Kong its popular at breakfast and also afternoon tea and pineapple bun sandwich($20) in stuffed with a fried egg, tomatoes and a thick slab of butter and For as low as HK$5 ($.64) a piece, you get a divine treat that will easily fill your tummy.

4. Hot Dog – USA

Photo: victoria-shes-unsplash

A grilled cooked sausage served on a streamed hot dog bun refers to both the sausage by itself and the combination of sausage and garnished with ketchup, mustard, onions, cheese and its also different different names such as frankfurter, frank, wiener,weenie, coney, and red hot and its present on every American street. A classic easy to find dish in every menu at restaurants food stalls at stadiums will have one of its own styles. Big cities like Chicago, Detroit and New York are particularly well known for their hot dog culture. A Hot dog cost no more than $2.50 ( other except ) but if including then price 4.90$ to 7.00$ ( may differ app.).

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