The value of Mentor ship….

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The value of Mentor ship, research is pretty clear, people with mentors perform better, advance in their careers faster and even experience more work-life balance Yet despite these benefits many of us do not know how to find a mentor or establish a professional relationship.

>> Firstly define your goals get a pen and paper and write out your career goals then list out some of the biggest obstacles to achieving them, once you know where you want to go you can identify how a mentor can be most helpful.

>> Secondly write a job description of your ideal mentor do you need someone who can help you accomplish a project. Someone who can coach you through a tough negotiation. Be specific and make sure to consider why having a mentor in these areas will help you in your career.

>> Then search for mentors in your network they can be from anywhere even people your connections know remember being asked to be a mentor is a massive compliment so even if people are busy and say no, your interactions will likely be positive.

>> Have the first conversation you have two goals when first talking to your potential mentor. Determining if they are the right fit for you and finding out if they are open to the idea of mentoring you. Since the conversation will likely be online pick a time that’s easy for their schedule.

>> And lastly make the ask take that first conversation to learn more about their career and their interests. Once you ‘ve both learned more about each other, you’ll be in a better position to ask them to mentor you if they are open to the idea, be sure to thank them and create a structured accountability process…


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