About Europe and US relationship

Today’s topic on :- US + Europe + Relationship + Policy + G7 summit + Covid19

| Edited By Amit Kumar [ mydatawords.com ] | Updated : July 05, 2020 |

*Mr.President Trump may be says for Foreign students must be leave. ( declaration may be within two weeks or may be depends on policy )

In the pandemic has exposed more fissures in the relationship with the USA including when Mr.President Trump announced a travel ban in the Month of March with no notice or consultation and move unleashed chaos at European airports and also experts now say it likely contributed to the spread of corona virus.

Mr.President Trump regarded Europe as an afterthought now, there seems little left to the relationship but a bitter aftertaste for EU leaders who spent three years trying and failing to coax and cajole the combustible American President [as western alliance] and in the U.S election , transatlantic relations are at a new low just as many experts say cooperation has never been more crucial at the start of his presidency.

Mr.President Trump had tried to buy a biomedical firm working to develop a vaccine and the U.S denied the allegations but fears of vaccine war persist,especially because of Mr.President Trump refusal to participate in an EU pledging campaign to raise money for the corona virus response and earlier this month German Chancellor Angela Merkel rejected Mr.Trume’s invitation to Washington fearing he might want to use a G7 leaders summit for an election year.

EU’s chief diplomat on Tuesday warned Mr.President Donald Trump about G7 summit and said that [ Mr. President Trump] not have the power to change the format of the G7 summit.

Barely 72 hours later, images of the USA Mr.President Trump holding a bible in the air outside St. John’s Church suggested the German chancellor had not overestimated Mr. Trump’s .And German Chancellor Angela Merkel opted out of the in person G7 summit citing the continuing health risk of the corona virus Mr. Trump lashed out during the club of economic powers outdated just as he branded transatlantic security alliance NATO obsolete at the start of his term.

Mr.President Trump also voiced yet again hos wish for Russia, which was kicked out of the G8 over it’s invasion and annexation of Crimea in 2014, to rejoin the group and the UK, Canda and The EU swiftly rejected the idea further underscoring the deep split among Western powers when with less than five months to go until the USA election and transatlantic relation to treat America’ closest historic allies as punching bags.

And other side,USA citizens infected with COVID-19 boarded planes and stood in queues in crowded airports as they raced home for fear of being stranded overseas but US Mr.President Trump strategy for Europe can be captured in just one word that is nothing……

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4 thoughts on “About Europe and US relationship

  1. Amit, I read this post with interest. Many people in the US are deeply distressed by these and other issues. Please do not think that this administration represents the views of all Americans. Know that we are working for change. Cheryl

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