Two Versions of Corona virus


>>> In the new study the researchers identified two major versions of the SARS-Cov2 corona virus called Clade I and Clade II the virus from 94 of the cases and 221 Genomes in the GISAID corona virus database [ Genetic examine ]. GISAID is a repository that maintains hundreds of viral genomes the complete sets of genetic instructions of a virus compiled by researchers around the world.

>>> The genetic makeup of the corona virus determines how severe Covid-19 and factors such a person age and WBC [ White Blood Cell ] counts are matter more of disease severity. Those genomes are used in monitoring how the virus is evolving and tracing it is path around the world.

>>> The two mutations distinguish Clade I from Clade II other researcher had previously found the same genetic changes and speculated that one version may be more virulent or transmit better among people. But new data show no difference in contagiousness or disease severity between people infected with either Clade.


* Two Main version of the corona virus [ two color enhanced virus particle shown in the transmission electron micro graph ] one doesn’t make people any sicker than the other a new study find.

*Factors such as a person’s age and white blood cell counts matter more for disease severity.


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