#01 – Scientist

Chien Shiung Wu -Physicist

Chien Shiung Wu was a nuclear physicist.

—-> Chien Shiung Wu was a member of faculty at Princeton before the University even admitted woman as a student and also known as the “First lady of Physics. She made significant contributions in the field of nuclear physics. Wu worked on the Manhattan project ( a process of enriching Uranium to be used as fuel ).

—> She was designed the Wu Experiment which disproved the law of conservation of parity. A basic law of physics and Wu needed to apply a constant and uniform magnetic field across the sample of Cobalt -60 in order to cause the spin axes of the atomic nuclei to line up in the same direction.

—> She was developed the process for separating Uranium into Uranium –235 and Uranium –238 isotopes by gaseous diffusion. Chien Shiung Wu was the first woman ever elected as President to the American Physics society and received the medal of science the highest science award given by the Government.


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