The young eye

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Short story.. -I

The young eye

I grimace at the deep gash above the young woman’s eye. It stands out angry in dark shades of green and purple against pale skin and her mother chokes on emotion as she pulls back the curtain on her soul. I know he could make things right for her but he does not. I keep praying and hoping may be I’m praying the wrong thing. I cannot afford to be bitter toward God.

I hear the question buried in her words and pull them forward, examining from every angle. Does not he hear me? Why do my pleadings go unanswered when others receive the gift of God’s grace and I understand? I’ ve often shared these same thoughts.

One family rejoices at the renewed opportunity their depressed teenager has at living fully after a dance with proclaims. God answered our prayers while another weeps by the mound of fresh earth uncertain how to experience again now that in the dark and their hearts barely seems able to propel them ahead. Did you disregard those dear ones? Is any one person more spiritually worthy than another? Are words of desperation only considered worthy of your throne by spiritual giants or the most?

Christ came as the lamb that he might return one day soon as the conquering king. On the day of his arrival every vestige of pain each remembrance of suffering and all cries for justice will find their answer in the nail scarred hands and the power of one who could be restrained by any of it. And he’ll gather us close and theses times will somehow make sense in the eternal landscape of his love our prayers once offered as a holy sacrifice will find their answer in the restoration of life whole and eternal. You are not left alone, you are not abandoned you prayers will not remain unanswered. by [ tammylkennigton]. keep Praying trust him he is walking with you..

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© 2020 by Amitkumar []. All rights reserved.

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