USA may suspend Visas…

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According to the statement of White House the administration is currently evaluating a wide range of options formulated by to protect American workers and job seekers especially disadvantaged and undeserved citizens. Such a decision by the Trump administration is likely to have an adverse impact on thousands of Indian IT professionally and already a large number of Indian on the H-1B visa have lost their jobs and H-1B is the most foreign work visas for technology professional and to the H-2B visas for short term seasonal workers , the J-1 visa for short term workers including camp counselors and au pairs and the L-1 visa for internal company transfers as reported.

Note – Before to star scheduled expected to stop entry of H- 1B, H-2B ,L-1 and J-1 for 90 to 180 days or possibly till the end of 2020.

US President Donald Trump is considering suspending a number of employment visa including the H-1B most sought after among Indian IT professionals in view of the massive unemployment in America due to the pandemic.

According to the report American business need L-1 visa holders who have a work visa valid for a relatively short amount of time and policies impose wide ranging bans on the entry of non immigrant workers or impose burdensome new regulatory requirements on businesses that employ foreign nationals would undermine that access to the process undercut our economy’s ability to grow and create jobs.

American businesses will need assurances that they can meet all their workforce needs to that end it is crucial that they have access to talent both domestically and term around the world and to the H-1B visas the suspension could apply to the H-2B visa for short term workers including camp counselors and the L-1 visa for internal company transfers that could any new H-1B holder outside the country from coming to work until the suspension is lifted through visa holders already in the country are unlikely to be affect [as reported ].


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2 thoughts on “USA may suspend Visas…

  1. Yes. Ivanka and her geriatric boyfriend Donald, don’t want smart people coming to America. Today they passed legislation barring advanced degrees from being a prerequisite for hiring. They don’t want smart Americans working.


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