USA has two million Vaccine..


The national institute of health has been fast tracking work with biotech firm modern a on a potential vaccine to prevent covid19. As a report of white house health advisor Dr. A. Fauci had said earlier this week that there are at least four trials of potential vaccine that he is either directly or indirectly.

According report the US Administration has selected five companies as the most likely candidate to produce a vaccine for the corona virus disease. The scientists have said that they still do not fully understand key aspects of the virus including how immune system respond once someone is exposed to it.

The numbers of confirmed cases of covid19 in the USA dated June 5 as in figure

USA has two million corona virus vaccine does ready to go US has already produced two million Vaccine doses for the virus.

Researchers have been accelerating the development of vaccine candidate by investing in multiple stages of research and as health advisor said that by the beginning of 2021 we hope to have a couple of million does but that are ready to go if they check out for safety….


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