In Briefly about human activity in Orinoco.

Photo: by Juanita

Today’s Topic :- Environment + Humanity + Uncover + Orinoco

Hi, friends today’s I’m sharing about human activity and uncover [ Orinoco] in briefly in my words.

” The Orinoco and Uncovering its Stories “

I look for the imprint of the land in the face and the human body and i try to access a space where a memory or story can be told from an intimate of the land in the face and the human body. I also look for strong human emotions that overflow and leave a mark on the landscape and turn into atmosphere.

I want to include Juanita’s work here and the words of Juanita as examine to capture the emotions and sensations in the situation while exploring the landscapes and communities for her own [ for work]. She thinks about how much the territories contribute to the understanding to the history and culture and she believes not getting close to the people not understanding their lives and not having a deep understanding of the cultural dynamics of these regions. and illusory idea of a country.

Then Juanita included here about Colombia education related to our own land Its understanding as the transmission of knowledge and idea from one region to another the dialogues that can be created between different times and cultures…

Thank you for reading…..

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