In South Korea reported New cases.

In the South Korea  reported New corona virus cases from densely populated Seoul area and infections founded to the warehouse workers.

Now the condition total number of corona virus cases- 11475 +

Photo: park chul hang/ yonhap.

A pupil wearing a face mask to help protect against the spread of the corona virus holds his mother hand through a fence as he arrives at the Ochi Elementary school in Gwangju

In the South Korea was reporting about 500 new cases each day in early March but to stabilize the outbreak with aggressive tracking and tracing, which allowed authorities to ease social distancing guidelines.

After that to implement proper preventive measures and enforce distance between employees and also health workers have found infection In the Seoul Metropolitan area ( crowd area).

According health authorities said infections linked to the warehouse workers operated by local e-commerce Coupang in Bucheon and new cases increasing again because of public activity and millions of children going to the school near the capital ( Seoul) . The new cases rising when social distancing was relaxed.

Total corona virus cases in South Korea in figure:

As a Prime minister Office- to examine working condition at warehouse (shopping Company) and congested workplace where infection risks may be high.


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