#01- ” To make and use good memories “

Unsplash by Jon Tyson

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“” Happy memories is significantly related with present happiness and to become memory architects and control what we and those around are and are not going to remember. “”

==> Do something new

Try, Try, and Tried tested and true has its upsides but memorability is not one of them. We have tendency to remember first time experience much better than things we have done over and over again.

New experiences is good way to create strong memories this does not necessarily mean that we need to visit new locations or take on completely new activities every time we want to create a memory and also we can achieve the same effect simply by cooking with a new ingredient and a food ‘ve never tried.

==> Into your environment

You see something , you smell something , you hear something and that reminds you of some things you build anchors and memory triggers into your life this is to turn everyday objects into mementos.

Suppose making your own celebrations around famous events can all help mnemonics into the fabric of your life so , you are reminded of your own good experience every time.

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