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By Amit Kumar www.mydatawords.com Happy Women's Day to all

I’m here for equality and Humanity and I believe in equality and Humanity.🗺 What about your thoughts?

Hi 👋😀 Friends, Welcome, I’m starting to share information with you in my time because nowadays busy moment but don’t worry I will respond. So, this is for you in briefly and details as you getting easily on different and different topics, because. I’m interested on and information available on my blog page, by the way😊📚Published Author.😊📚

😊 So, My Poetry related All friends. You can Join me in my Poetric Journey without any hesitation.📋📝📚😊🤗

You know, I’m also working on (already started) Story, Short-story & Poems (Poetry). I would like to say with happily what’s-> 📷😉Hey Friends I’m also Started Photography 📷😊🤗 in my way but in different point of views. But remember one thing I’m📷 photographer but😉 also number of other topics including different Articles For all my friends.📝😊

😊📷 So, my photographic friends and My Travel related friends. You can join me in my photographic and Travel blogging related – journey without any hesitation.📷😊

😀👋🍝 So, My Food/ Foodie related All friends. You can Join me in my Kitchen Journey without any  hesitation. 🍝🍱🍳 😊

||–>> Upcoming posts related to Fitness in My Blog Page. I’m already working on Twenty three+ Subjects and remains coming soon.


I’m more passionate about to provide good things means knowledgeable and valuable information to the people and Hey friends I know, all people have different views but my perspectives is different with awareness here. Yeah. Sometimes blog posts will be part of the fun [ Fun-Time means awareness ] only for my followers and other viewers in my blog [ In my way ]. Every blog post has refined me and taught us do more for the people and I’m also trying to provide and awareness to the people through my blog posts[ because I know, I can and I will do ] Please do not consider me as a more philosophical or other things. Okay friends. So, I am trying to reach [towards] but now busy moment. If you read this message [understanding matters]. I hope so…

Peace & Kindness

Hey friends My propaganda is clearly about and just spreading kindness 🙏 and Happiness and 🕊 Peaceful 🕊 [ Humanity ] in this platform through my thoughts and through my works [ As a Messenger ]. But Firstly, I’m a human being and I’m doing only for Humanity and Peace 🕊 & Kindness ( Who really needs in my views ) And also, I always appreciate those who truly deserve it [ their works, thinks and also blog posts.] [ In my views].. That’s it. And I have always tried to encourage people through my work and will also trying it’s okay but Sometimes it is like a coincidence and it’s also happened. So friends… I’m glad you found this little corner of mine. :):) and I hope ,I will get your supportive nature in this journey. :):)

Yeah.. but one more thing, i will assure that only providing useful information and definitely you will getting useful information there on [ different, different subjects ]. Okay… , If you are interested [ Getting Awareness , knowledgeable and valuable information] and Would you like to read my upcoming blog posts? [ related and more] Then, you can connect with me through the follow button for more information. I will appreciate you. :):) Thank you so much!!! 🙂 Hey guys, just think about my thought [ ] I think so , May be helpful to your life.

||—>> I’m started this blog page only for sharing useful & updating information & Awareness To the World and to the People through my work. That’s it . In my thought say ” (Everyone know) if You are self satisfied your work and if anyone is being helped through your work that’s your Awards🏅” Nothing else others.

I have already received My Awards🏅 [ 389+ ] up till now [24-04-2021] 🏅

My Photography Pics !!!! and My Garden Flowers 🌹🌷

Now Days My tagline is:- ” Be Safe ! Be Health ! Be Happy ! “ 🗺

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